Episode 187: Dr. Alison Ash | Overcome Shame and Turn On Pleasure


Life Athletes, hello and welcome to episode 187 of the Life Athletics podcast.

Today’s guest life athlete is Dr. Alison Ash.

Dr. Alison Ash is a sex and intimacy coach, sexual empowerment educator, author, and founder of TurnON.love. A champion for others overcoming shame and deepening pleasure, Aly helps her clients experience the kinds of sexual interactions and romantic relationships they long for.    

As a sociologist with a PhD from Stanford, Aly has a comprehensive understanding of the complex societal challenges that often lead to unsatisfying and disempowering sexual experiences. She also draws on her extensive training in the Hakomi method of psychotherapy as well as somatic sex and intimacy coaching to support her clients to radically explore and courageously express themselves. 

Aly designs workshops and offers individuals and couples coaching to give others the tools to discover their desires and confidently pursue them. She invites you to TurnON pleasure, intimacy and...love at www.TurnON.love

On this episode, Aly talks about how she overcame the shame and began to slowly unfold to reveal her most expressive self. She also talks about how gender socialization creates disempowering experiences for men by culturally valuing performance over pleasure and connection. 

This is indeed an interesting episode, so stick around and give it a listen!

Connect with Dr. Alison Ash:

Dr. Alison Ash Facebook
Instagram: @turnon_love
Instagram: @turnon.love

Episode 186: Tarek Kholoussy | "Who Are YOU?"


Life Athletes, hello and welcome to episode 186 of the Life Athletics podcast.

Today’s guest life athlete is Tarek Kholoussy.

Like most All-American children, Tarek was born and raised in a small town (in Philadelphia), went to college, and dove into the corporate world.

It was an ideal life with clear expectations of him, but it wasn't the life he felt he was destined for. So he set off to find himself and get to know who he really is deep inside - a thousand days before he turned forty.

So he packed up and left his high-level job and set out to travel the world and find his purpose. 

Today, Tarek is a social entrepreneur and founder behind "Nomads Giving Back," which aims to create an infrastructure to inspire and enable digital nomads to give back to their adopted homes. 

It's safe to say that Tarek has definitely transformed himself and is now living his best life, while helping marginalized communities throughout the world. Talk about a purposeful life!

Listen in to the conversation to learn more about Tarek and his social enterprise.

Connect with Tarek:

Nomads Giving Back

Episode 185: My Interview on the Hello Human Podcast with Echo Giesel Widmer


Today, I bring you quite a deep conversation with my friend, Echo, host of the Hello Human podcast. 

Echo visited me in my villa here in Ubud, Bali, and we talked about a range of topics - including intimacy, sexuality, and vulnerability.

 There is no better way to appreciate this episode than by going in and immersing in the conversation. I promise you an eye-opening, inspiring - and even touching - conversation so be sure to check it out.

Echo is quite the adventurer and deserves all the love, so be sure to follow her on:

The Hello Human Podcast
Echo’s Instagram: @echo_aroundtheworld

Episode 184: Christina Weber | Deepen the Quality of Your Relationships


Life Athletes, hello and welcome to episode 184 of the Life Athletics podcast.

Today’s guest life athlete is Christina Weber.

Christina is a co-founder of Deepen, a series of live events facilitated by educators, entertainers and accredited guides, where you get to meet interesting people, doing interesting things.

“It takes time to cultivate relationships.”

She has many nicknames - among them are Relationship Activist, Your Love Accomplice, Feminine Weapon and The Human Linkedin. Her greatest strength is people. She loves matchmaking, connecting and guiding one towards greater fulfillment, while also doing it for herself.

On this episode, Christina tries to unwrap relationships and break the concept down into simpler, more “digestible” tidbits. We all know relationship can be very complicated, but Christina seems to have a knack for dissecting its complex nature.

“I believe that the quality of our life depends on the quality of our relationships.”

This was one conversation I enjoyed so much and I felt like it gave me a whole new perspective on the process of dating and relationship.

Connect with Christina:

Instagram: @christinaweber

Get tickets to Feminine Weapon Day Benefiting Children of Abuse, Poverty, and Trafficking here. It happens on January 30, Wednesday!

Episode 183: Solara Sophia Rose | The Life Sport of Superabundance


Life Athletes, hello and welcome to episode 183 of the Life Athletics podcast.

Today’s guest life athlete is Solara Sophia Rose.

Solara Rose is an international channel and catalyst for high-frequency flow mastery, superabundance and thriving Divine success. She has been described as the modern Tesla of human energetics and living vortex of cosmic magic. With a background in intensive personal transformation, integrative science, philosophy and psychology, she’s who visionary leaders seek out to support accelerated, quantum growth in all areas of their life.

She uses her unique, multisensory abilities to support individuals and organizations with embodying their expanded self so they can actualize their Genius, maximize their impact and upgrade their wealth in service to the collective. Her passion is to inspire and unlock the peak potential, beauty and creative brilliance in others.

On this episode, Solara takes us through her process and the technique she uses in helping her clients handle the shift and flow into superabundance. She asks the important questions - what are we doing in our lives so that we constantly feel amazing? It’s about looking at our connection to the source and thriving in this busy, modern world.

Connect with Solara:

Instagram: @solararose

Episode 182: Juna Mustad | Anger and the Good Girl


Life Athletes, hello and welcome to episode 182 of the Life Athletics podcast.

Today’s guest life athlete is Juna Mustad.

Juna Mustad is a Life and Relationship coach, an Intuitive, and a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner focused on helping you create healthy relationships, expand your emotional awareness, and embrace your full potential.

Her sessions skillfully weave the Hendricks Institute's whole body coaching techniques and Somatic Experiencing.

In addition, Juna is a corporate mindfulness coach, an author, and an expert in mindful anger. She works with companies, organizations, and individuals around the world, teaching and coaching emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and skills for building healthy and effective relationships.

In her career as a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, Juna has trained extensively in stress and trauma resolution. She offers an accessible, nonthreatening approach to creating a healthy relationship with the world’s most stigmatized emotion. She helps people unpack their beliefs about anger and skillfully uses mindfulness techniques to help them grow a balanced and holistic relationship with their anger.

In 2019, she’s set to release her book called The Good Girl’s Guide to Anger.

Connect with Juna here:

About the Book

Episode 181: Jackie Knechtel | Follow the Flow to Effortless Living


Life Athletes, hello and welcome to episode 181 of the Life Athletics podcast.

Today’s guest life athlete is Jackie Knechtel.

Jackie Knechtel is the co-founder of the Flow Consciousness Institute which holds cutting edge trainings, retreats, workshops and delivers transformational experiences worldwide. 

Jackie is a pioneer in the area of Flow and is the co-author of the forthcoming book Flow: The Art of Effortless Living. She is working to shift consciousness on a global scale through her speaking, coaching practice and by blending science and spirituality into practical tools for living an enlightened life. Her work has been featured on Forbes and Fast Company.

On this episode, Jackie and I - being both from the Western world - have grown up to be taught that all things worth having come from hard work. If it’s not difficult, it’s not going to amount to anything.

But there are so many ways we can live life - sans all the unnecessary effort. Jackie and her business partner look into life with a brighter perspective and achieving more by following the Flow.

Learn more about this concept via today’s episode.

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Episode 180: Nikki Rhodes | Unlocking Emotional Freedom through Sexuality


Life Athletes, hello and welcome to episode 180 of the Life Athletics podcast.

Today’s guest life athlete is Nikki Rhodes.

Nikki Rhodes is a passionate advocate for authentic relating and positive sexual education coaching both men and women. She has a degree in psychology, childbirth education and was a lecturer at the University of Auckland in Ancient Greek and Roman Medicine specialising on issues surrounding women's health and sexuality in the ancient world.  

A devoted traveller and student of life always, she continued her study of traditional Tantra in India earlier this year, as well as presenting workshops at Bali Spirit Festival, Byron Bay Spirit Festival and various retreats across Australia and New Zealand.

She is the co-founder of NZ Spirit Festival, an annual alcohol-free wellness, yoga, camping and music festival, Resolution NYE Festival and NZ Yoga Day under the events company NZ Spirit. She is the mother of three wild daughters and spends the Summer months in New Zealand and the Winter living in Bali.

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Episode 179: Matthew Solomon | All the Good Men

Life Athletes, hello and welcome to episode 179 of the Life Athletics podcast.

Today’s guest life athlete is Matthew Solomon.

Dubbed as the “coach for the modern soul,” Matthew has helped so many individuals unwrap their feelings toward the relationships they’re currently in and the way they communicate with the people surrounding them.

Matthew also contributes to the Good Men Project, which is a “glimpse of what enlightened masculinity might look like in the 21st century.” He has been quite vocal about his support for women, especially in the #MeToo movement, as well as protecting members of society against racism and sexism.

Connect with Matthew on www.coachwithmatthewsolomon.com.

Episode 178: Steve Wood | A Conversation with My Father

178 (1).jpg

Life Athletes, hello and welcome to episode 178 of the Life Athletics Podcast.

Today's guest life athlete is Steve Wood.

This episode is close to my heart, as aside from this being a birthday episode for me, the guest is also a special person in my life - my father.

Until a year and a half ago, my father and I weren't in speaking terms. Something cracked open at that time, and our relationship has been nothing short of wonderful ever since.

I was born in the year 1978, and I feel like it's timely to release this episode being episode 178 and my mother - who was also previously on the show - was on episode 78.

Again, I've never thought my father and I would arrive at this point where we share wonderful stories of how our lives have unfolded. Stev Wood is currently based in India, but we've kept close communication ties with each other since we started talking again. He has visited me here in Bali for my birthday last year, and I'm very happy to be sharing my birthday this year with him through this podcast.

You'll hear wonderful stories about my father's adventures, how he took me on some of them, and how those adventures more or less mirror the ones I've been on in this lifetime.


Episode 177: Andi X | Vitality Is Your Birth Right


Hey Life Athletes, welcome to episode 177 of the Life Athletics podcast!

Today’s guest Life Athlete is Andi X.

Dr. Andrea Paige is a master of lifestyle medicine. Andréa travels the world empowering people to take their health back into their own hands. As a yoga teacher trainer and shaper of the future of Yoga, Andréa specializes in the physiological benefits of the advanced yogic practices.

“I don’t know if I am swept up in that whirlwind of excitement or am I noticing the tornado from afar…”

She is also the founder of the Micro-biome Think Tank, The Yoga Graduate School and her own campaign “Live For Vitality."

On this episode, Andrea openly talks about the importance of non-violent communication and even takes us through the 4-step process. Find out what it is by listening in to the conversation. She also shares how she’s always astounded day after day!

You can also listen to the past episode with Andrea Paige.

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Episode 176: Emily Utter | Don't Settle for "Good Enough"

176 (1).png

Hey Life Athletes, welcome to episode 176 of the Life Athletics podcast!

Today’s guest Life Athlete is Emily Utter.

Emily Utter is a business coach for adventurous entrepreneurs -- meaning coaches, healers and service-based entrepreneurs who want to scale their "location independent" businesses and work from anywhere in the world!

“Be willing to see yourself as that next level.”

Emily works with coaches, healers, and consultants to get out of the hustle, stop over giving, and start growing sustainable income that supports a healthy and happy freedom-filled lifestyle.

“Don’t settle for good enough.”

On this episode, Emily talks to us about her experience with different types of people - how each one differs in terms of perspective, practice, and discipline. She also shares her journey to becoming a business coach.

Listen to the full episode for more inspiration!

Connect with Emily here:



Episode 175: Renae Tate | Your Dream Life After Divorce


Hey Life Athletes, welcome to episode 175 of the Life Athletics podcast!

Today’s guest Life Athlete is Renae Tate.

Renae is a certified life coach, clinical hypnotherapist & psychotherapist, NLP practitioner, Heal Your Life facilitator, and divorce coach. She has led so many programs that have made significant changes in people’s lives.

When asked where she pulls all this energy and motivation to help others get up and move on with their lives for the better, Renae says her own divorce has taught her so much and has inspired her to assist others in the transition.

Divorce is never easy, and others aren’t capable of or have no idea how to handle the situation. Renae tells us on this interview that she wishes others knew about timeline therapy and how there are other people who can actually help make a difference in their lives.

Other than being able to move forward and start a new life, Renae’s programs help individuals realize their own self-worth and will learn how to love themselves fully.

Listen to the full conversation for more inspiration.

Connect with Renae here:

Facebook .

Episode 174: Nick Ward | Earth Heals and Self-care

174 (2).png

Hey Life Athletes, welcome to episode 174 of the Life Athletics podcast!

Today’s guest Life Athlete is Nick Ward.

Nick is a self-confessed “big nerd” and self-care devotee.

He is also the founder of Earth Heals, an “enterprise made up of healers, entrepreneurs, artists and visionaries. “ It is based on an profit-sharing model for all team members and there will always be a path of ownership for anyone who devotes themselves to its mission and embodies their core values.

Such an inspiring person with a rich background - being that he is amazed with people and systems! It’s an honor to have him on the show.

Listen in to the full conversation today.


Learn more about Nick and Earth Heals here.

Episode 173: Dave Booda | Speaking Your Truth Without Fear

Hey Life Athletes, welcome to episode 173 of the Life Athletics podcast!

Today’s guest Life Athlete is Dave Booda.

Dave has been on my radar for quite some time, as he has at one point in his life lived in Bali as well. He’s been everywhere and has lived an interesting life.

“Hi, I’m an asshole. At least that’s what I’m afraid you’ll think of me.”

Upon landing on Dave’s website, this is what will greet you. He reads this back to me on this episode and explains why he chose to open himself up this way.

Dave has been a lot of things - a dating coach, has been in the Navy, featured in National Geographic… and so much more! Today, he’s a guy sitting down with another guy, talking about life, relationships, success, creativity, and so much more.

Make sure to listen in for more!

Connect with Dave:

Boodaism website
Instagram: @davebooda
Boodaism Facebook
Dave Booda Facebook

Episode 172: Ben Katzaman | Of Symbolism and Social Enterprises


Hey Life Athletes, welcome to episode 172 of the Life Athletics podcast!

Today’s guest Life Athlete is Ben Katzaman.

I consider Ben as a genius.

He started off as one of my coaching clients, sharing about his struggles in business and how he needed more energy for his business to thrive. He was almost ready to give up.

But he didn’t.

Ben took matters into his own hands by removing the blocks and working toward his goals, eventually crushing the business he started with the local Balinese community.

It’s true that when you take on a mindset shift (and putting in a lot of hard work), things can become better. Business improves. Your entire life unravels to show you what you’re good at and what will help you skyrocket toward your goal.

Ben founded the social enterprise called Wanderer Bracelets - after getting lost in the Balinese jungles and stumbling into talented artisan carvers. He asked them to make bracelets for him to bring back to friends at home. In time, he discovered that this could be something that could work really well - both for him and for the locals.

He loves supporting the artisans and helps them by understanding exactly what they need and what their struggles are, and how he can make their lives better by providing them a sustained, long-term livelihood that the can actually get income on a daily basis from.

Learn more about Ben’s amazing “wandering” journey and get ready to be inspired.

Connect with Ben here.

Get your own Wanderer Bracelet here.

Episode 171: Kyle Lipton | Be In Constant Courtship with Yourself


Hey Life Athletes, welcome to episode 171 of the Life Athletics podcast!

Today’s guest Life Athlete is Kyle Lipton.

Kyle is an embodiment coach and speaker who focuses on the importance of reconnecting with your heart.

“I am not going to leave me behind.”

Kyle has gone through so many struggles and challenges in life - but what has kept him going is his love for life, and his trust for self. More than anything else, Kyle tells us to focus on our self-worth.

On this episode, Kyle takes us on his life journey and how he ultimately crushed all roadblocks by believing in himself.

“You can only trust other people to the level that you trust yourself. You can only trust yourself to the level that you know yourself.” 

Connect with Kyle on



Episode 170: Deniz Reno | Music, Goals, and Self-Love


Hey Life Athletes, welcome to episode 170 of the Life Athletics podcast!

Today’s guest Life Athlete is Deniz Reno.

Deniz Reno is an internationally acclaimed singer songwriter, entrepreneur and Canadian film industry scenic artist. 

She is one of the most sought after voices in contemporary electronic music and has lent her artistic talents to over 30 major feature film productions in the past decade. In 2017 Reno founded her own boutique eco accessory brand Beach Loot @beachloot with a focus on designing conscious wearable art while while focusing on women's empowerment and environmental conservation.

On this episode, Deniz shares her story - her journey through the music industry, and what it feels like to actually be doing the thing she loves most: music. She talks about her work as a visual artist for movies, her passion project, some really touching and emotional stories about love and life.

With her musical talent and can-do attitude, Deniz founded her own music label, Taksu Records. Deniz definitely is bound for greatness!

Connect with Deniz:


Episode 169: Jacob Orak | Crushing Goals One Ethnotek Bag at a Time

Hey Life Athletes, welcome to episode 169 of the Life Athletics podcast!

Today’s guest Life Athlete is Jacob Orak.

"I found myself stressed and burned out in paradise."


Jake is from Minnesota, USA, studied industrial design and runs a social enterprise called Ethnotek with his wife Cori. Ethnotek collaborates with artisans in Ghana, Guatemala, India, Indonesia & Vietnam to combine their traditional handmade textiles with functional laptop and travel bags. Jake has been through the Life Athletics program twice and says that it has definitely helped him level-up in all areas of life and business.  

"You can’t fail if you’re trying."

On this episode, Jacob takes us through his entrepreneurial journey and what it means to run a successful social enterprise, how it's helping local, traditional weavers.

Listen in to the conversation today!

Connect with Jacob:

Support Jacob's Kickstarter Campaign here 
Instagram: @ethnotekbags

Episode 168: Elizabeth Grojean | Building Businesses Outside the Comfort Zone


Hey Life Athletes, welcome to episode 168 of the Life Athletics podcast!

Today’s guest Life Athlete is Elizabeth Grojean.

Elizabeth Grojean is the founder of Baloo Living, a product company founded on principals of self-care and holistic wellness. After 15 years in corporate America, she left it behind to ask, who am I I'm not what I do?

"I take time in the morning to be with myself and be quiet."

With only $9,000 in savings, Elizabeth made it a mission to build a sustainable business - and what better way to learn the ropes than by actually meeting and getting tips from people who have actually done and seen success in the Amazon FBA industry.

So she left for Bali.

After a one year sabbatical she emerged from Bali to launch Baloo's first product, a weighted blanket, and is on track to gross 250K in her first six months in business. 

Her journey, though, is not perfect - from delivering disappointing news to former business partners to flying to China (and getting into some immigration hiccup) to fix product inspections. Listen to how she faced all the struggles and challenges and emerged victorious.

Check out Baloo Living here.