Episode 191: Jonathan Belle | Be Who You Want to Be: Superman, Super Human


Life Athletes, hello and welcome to episode 191 of the Life Athletics podcast.

Today’s guest life athlete is Jonathan Belle.

Everyone needs a superhero.

For Jonathan, he became his own superhero.

In November 2016, Jonathan packed his bags and left his job at Union Pacific Railroad. For a year and a half, he lived in a van and washed dishes on the side - what for? To become who he truly is: Superman.

With a suit that he got from an Etsy shop, he started taking breathtaking self-portraits of himself and fully transformed into Superman.

You might have seen his photos pop up on your social media feeds. At first glance, it looks breathtaking! Jonathan appreciates all the compliments he receives for his awesome photos, but more importantly, he wants to inspire whoever comes across his photos.

If a six-foot-two bearded Black man wears a Superman suit while doing groceries or running errands, then you can too. As a matter of fact, you can be whoever you want to be as long as you're doing good and not stepping on anybody's toes.

Jonathan's habit of thought includes waking up each morning, thinking positive thoughts. Meanwhile, his habit of action has him writing down the things he wants to accomplish during the day, saying that writing them down makes them more "real" rather than just random thoughts. 

During his spare time, Jonathan works hard to perfect his craft by teaching himself new skills to keep himself relevant.

Are you inspired yet? Listen in to learn more about Jonathan and his journey to becoming the hero he always wanted to be.

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Instagram: @jonathanbelle