Episode 190: Amrita Sophia | Sexual Energy and Genuine Transformation

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Life Athletes, hello and welcome to episode 190 of the Life Athletics podcast.

Today’s guest life athlete is Amrita Sophia.

Amrita is a Sacred Sexpert and Kundalini Yoga Teacher. She spent years under a cloud of shame, her sexual energy on lock down, resulting in a life of unfulfilling relationships, unsatisfying jobs, and general dis-ease. It wasn’t until she came to understand that Sexual Energy in its healthy state EMPOWERS that her life began to transform, finally experiencing the true intimacy and connection she had long been seeking. 

Amrita’s life experiences, transforming her greatest Shadow into her Super Power, her professional training and her service as a Teacher and Coach have all conspired in creating her life mission - to empower others in their Pleasure, Passion, and Presence.

On this episode, Amrita and I dive into the reality of what sex is and what it means to people who have experienced it, who have had enough of it, and who have grown weary of it. Sex is more than an act of passion between two people; it’s more about the connection between two people.

Learn how Amrita opened up and allowed herself to express her true sexual energy without hesitation.

Connect with Amrita:

Instagram: @amritasophialepage