Episode 188: Bobby Holland Hanton | Of Stunts and Superheroes

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Life Athletes, hello and welcome to episode 188 of the Life Athletics podcast.

Today’s guest life athlete is Bobby Holland Hanton.


Bobby has always been the athletic type. At the age of four, Bobby started his career as a Gymnast, and climbed through the ranks to compete as a National Squad Member and National Gold Medalist for Great Britain. Bobby competed and also won gold medals in countries such as France, Russia, United States of America, and training camps in the Ukraine.


He has since retired from gymanastics and has moved on to a career of being a stunt double in 44 films and counting. He has been in movies and stepped in as a stunt double for our favorite superheroes like Thor and Batman, as well as icons like James Bond.


On this episode, Bobby talks to us about his career path and his life journey too. He shares the ups and downs, as well as the perks of being active and continuously improving on your craft.


It's safe to say that Bobby is indeed a life athlete in all respects, and I can't wait for you to hear our conversation, get fired up, and start working toward crushing your goals.


Connect with Bobby:

Instagram: @bobbydazzler84