Episode 157: Justin Stearman | Perception Is Projection


Hey Life Athletes, welcome to episode 157 of the Life Athletics podcast!

Today’s guest Life Athlete is Justin Stearman.

Justin is the owner of Yoga Guide Magazine and Yoga Guide Media, a conscious lifestyle media company. He is a living proof that you can transform your life if you really put your mind to it.

Ten years ago, Justin was all about the nightlife, as his job revolved around promoting parties and alcohol. Over time, he realized how much he wanted to change his lifestyle. He started his transformation journey by taking a year off and doing a lot of meditating.  Then he started doing yoga.

Yoga, to him, was invigorating. He hasn't looked back since.

"People are willing to meet you where you're at."

With yoga and his new lifestyle, he started building communities and made friends that were interested in the same things, who were passionate about living life fully. That's how he came up with Yoga Guide Magazine. He wanted to create a platform that  would bring people together, people who were interested in yoga and wellness.

"Perception is projection. Whatever you project, people are going to perceive."

Justin's motivation is amazing, and his transformation and evolving consciousness is inspiring. Listen in to learn more about Justin Stearman!

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