Episode 158: Stef Sifandos | Relating with Each Other with Authentic Love

Hey Life Athletes, welcome to episode 157 of the Life Athletics podcast!

Today’s guest Life Athlete is Stef Sifandos.

Stef is a Relational Alchemist, Community Builder and Change Maker who facilitates transformational growth through neuro-empowerment practises, mindfullness, an integration of Eastern wisdom, diverse spirtual praxis and western psychology to improve, evolve end enhance the quality of your relationships.

"What are we passionate about? What passion projects do we daydream about constantly?"

He helps guide, facilitate, teach and provide a deepened perspective on life. Stef believes that it is "through our ability to observe ourselves in wholeness that we liberate ourselves from chronic and perpetual fear, pain and confusion. We then discover the courage to step into our truth and embrace life for what it can truly provide us with."

"You can't always flow. You become polarized by nature."

He believes that everyone can understand themselves better by connecting with their inner selves, as well as the people surrounding them - what relationships they're engaging in and where energy flows.

Figuring out what you don't want will help you identify what you DO want.

"Figuring out what you don't want will help you identify what you DO want."

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