Episode 159: Paula Pant | How to Become Financially Free and Be Able to Afford Anything


Hey Life Athletes, welcome to episode 159 of the Life Athletics podcast!

Today’s guest Life Athlete is Paula Pant.

Paula was just like every one of us - she went to school, studied hard, graduated, and got a job. As a newspaper journalist, she was only given 2 weeks a year off. This was something she didn't enjoy.

So for some time, she did freelance work during the nights and weekends so that she could save up. Eventually, when she felt like she had saved enough, she packed her bags, quit her job, and traveled the world.

In her Paula's words, the summary of her life would be: she got a job, she hated said job, she quit and traveled the world, the came back to discover financial freedom.

A lot of us take finances for granted - and we really are living in excess, says Paula. 

On this episode, you will learn about how she and her partner bought a home that generates income for them instead of being a liability! 

Get ready to be inspired and to begin on your journey to financial freedom.

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