Episode 160: School of Calisthenics | Don't Fear Failure


Hey Life Athletes, welcome to episode 160 of the Life Athletics podcast!

Today’s guest Life Athletes are Tim Stevenson and David Jackson of the School of Calisthenics.

Both Tim and David have extensive experience in elite performance strength and conditioning as athletes and coaches. Together, they have come up with a learning platform that utilizes the science of sport, strength and conditioning, physical adaptation and how to practically and systematically apply all of those within the realm of calisthenics.

 "We have to accept that failure is not a dirty word."

On this episode, Tim and David tackle the hardest part of training and working toward your goal: the fear of failure. They emphasized on how fear was given a negative connotation and that this shouldn't be the case. For young people who are starting to pave their way toward athletic success, this mindset can be quite deterrent. In the School of Calisthenics, they teach students to embrace failure and think of it part of learning.

"Failure is when we're learning."

The School of Calisthenics is looking forward to joining the International Handstand Day this June 23rd, and they'd love for you to participate too!

"We gotta do something different if we want a different outcome."

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