Episode 16: David Cornthwaite


Name: David Cornthwaite Dave is an adventurer... who really, truly pushes the boundaries, his boundaries and adventure's. He’s the founder of Say Yes More and Expedition 1000


. Check out his wikipedia page to have a slightly more thorough skimming of his achievements because I could type all day and barely scratch the surface.

Habit of Thought:

Everything has a positive or a negative side and it’s your choice.

Always go for things. Even if they’re scary. Habit of Action:

Follow my feet.

Greatest area of strength: 

Walk the walk.

Nik’s Take: I think that Dave's ability to launch himself at life and to make it work as he goes is astounding.

Training for this area:

“I have a purpose to everything I do, even if it’s just ‘I’m getting to there’”.

Have a purpose to what you’re doing that’s larger than your fears.


Losing my virginity - Richard Branson

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