Episode 162: Nik Wood | Interview with the Energy Matters Podcast

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Life Athletes, hello and welcome to another episode of the Life Athletics podcast!

For this episode we have something a little different for you. For those of you new to the show I’m Nik Wood,  Host of the Life Athletics Podcast. Typically I interview Amazing people from around the world who Are clear on what  their game is in life and are winning.

“Be an athlete to inspire other souls”

This time, I’m not the interviewer but rather the interviewee.  I was recently interviewed for the “Energy Matters” Podcast and it was a pleasure to talk to hosts David and Cody about what I’m up to and I thought it was a great chance to share that with you now. I apprise them the reason of “Life Athletics”, I talk to people who in my estimation are winning the game.


“Mold a character to people's minds”


Whatever we’re up to in life we can benefit by listening to someone who’s really doing what they want and what they love - and that's exactly where I am at this point.

Learn more about how I handle my day-to-day life as a life coach - what I do to manage my time, how I overcome stress, and the reason behind my coaching.

Today we discuss choosing the game you’re playing. As usual, I find it fascinating that we can find ourselves playing in guilt, love, compassion, or the growth.