Episode 163: Winston B. Clements | Resilience and Lessons on Self-Acceptance

Hey Life Athletes, welcome to episode 163 of the Life Athletics podcast!

Today’s guest Life Athlete is Winston B. Clements.

"You can learn from everybody."

Winston Ben Clements was born with a condition known as Brittle Bones disease, medical term Ostegenesis Imperfecta. An obvious characteristic is his small stature and his use of a wheelchair, which does not tell the story of the frequent and painful bone fractures that disrupted much of his childhood.

"My most important routine is my morning routine - because this puts me at the correct happiness and energy level."

Nonetheless, Winston graduated with BSc Honours in Computer Science and has built up a successful Technology career, working primarily within Management Consulting and the Financial Services. In addition to this, Winston is the Founder of an online platform known as “Positive Spin UK” with a mission of “Creating a world where nobody feels limited in what they can achieve.”

On this episode, Winston talks about how he stays resilient and very inspired to push forward, even when he is being viewed differently by everyone around him. In addition, he talks about his habits and goals - all of which makes him a great life athlete!

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