Episode 164: Miro Heyink | Manifest the Life You Want to Live


Hey Life Athletes, welcome to episode 164 of the Life Athletics podcast!

Today’s guest Life Athlete is Miro Heyink.

Miro is the founder of Manifest X. He works with people to allow them to live their 10 out of 10 life.

“You’re not gonna get a yes, unless you’re willing to get a no.”

On this episode, host Nik Wood and Miro talk about making conscious decisions, acknowledging yourself for all the hard work you've put in, and celebrating life by building communities that make an impact in the world.

“Saying something positive about yourself is frowned upon - but that’s unnecessary.”

Miro opens up about a time when he was doing everything "right." His career was flourishing, his personal relationships were going great, he was earning well, and everybody was congratulating him. Deep inside, though, he felt quite the opposite. He was deeply unfulfilled.

He knew that he needed to make a shift. Miro then decided to work on himself more - and now, he's paying it forward by helping others get through their struggles.

“If I have a day that I am grateful for, that’s a win.”

Listen in to the conversation to learn more about "Miro the Hero" and how he shifted his focus from the negative to the positive and what type of impact that made on his life.

As mentioned, Miro loves to pay it forward - and today, THREE lucky individuals will be chosen to hop on a FREE one-on-one coaching session with Miro! Make sure to be visible to the Life Athletics team by engaging in the comments.

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