Episode 178: Steve Wood | A Conversation with My Father

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Life Athletes, hello and welcome to episode 178 of the Life Athletics Podcast.

Today's guest life athlete is Steve Wood.

This episode is close to my heart, as aside from this being a birthday episode for me, the guest is also a special person in my life - my father.

Until a year and a half ago, my father and I weren't in speaking terms. Something cracked open at that time, and our relationship has been nothing short of wonderful ever since.

I was born in the year 1978, and I feel like it's timely to release this episode being episode 178 and my mother - who was also previously on the show - was on episode 78.

Again, I've never thought my father and I would arrive at this point where we share wonderful stories of how our lives have unfolded. Stev Wood is currently based in India, but we've kept close communication ties with each other since we started talking again. He has visited me here in Bali for my birthday last year, and I'm very happy to be sharing my birthday this year with him through this podcast.

You'll hear wonderful stories about my father's adventures, how he took me on some of them, and how those adventures more or less mirror the ones I've been on in this lifetime.