Episode 22: Catherine Smith


Name: Catherine Smith Catherine Smith is a laughing, crashing, ball of energy who lives to inspire others to live the lives they want sooner, not later. Habit of Thought:

Sooner, not later.

Habit of Action:

No electronics in the morning. Instead take time to get present and meditate.

Nik’s habit: Pat yourself on the back and celebrate the little victories.

Greatest area of strength: 

The ability to talk to anyone and be comfortable in her own skin.

Training for this area:

“I’d really encourage them to push themselves outside of their comfort zone.”

Be alone or go talk to a group of strangers.


The Alchemist - Paulo Coelho

Web resource:

Painted Picture Sooner not Later Live your list


Twitter - @SNL_catherine


Words of wisdom: Listen after the end credits to hear the words of wisdom that Catherine teased at during the show.