Episode 26: Marcus Smith


Name: Marcus Smith Marcus is the owner and founder of inner fight a whole human training facility and philosophy based in Dubai UAE. He’s an ex professional rugby player who tests his own limits regularly so that he can test those of the people who come to him to get stronger. Recently he ran 250k through the sahara for the Marathon Des Sable we spoke about this and other experiences in this conversation.

Habit of Thought:

“The habit of thought is really the key...You wake up in the morning and you have a choice. You control the day, the day doesn’t control you.”

Habit of Action: “Doing what you’re thinking, which is tied into your goals, which is tied into your vision”

-Be positive about what you’re doing and follow through.

Greatest area of strength: “I always train my mind to be in the right way” Nik’s take: Building community

Marcus’s response to Nik’s take:

The environment is key. “I wanted to make something that makes humans better the moment that they walk through the door.” How would you train someone to create a powerful environment? Ask yourself: “Who are you?”

Know yourself and then know your needs.

Book: Read sports books and memoirs. Web Resource:

Rob Orlando - Hybrid Athletics

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