Episode 30: Jelena and Masa Avramović


Name: Jelena - Chief Enlightening officer - the wise elder of the team

Masa - Chief Manifesting Officer

Today we have not one but two guest LifeAthlete’s on the show, Jelena and Masa Avramović, sisters who have jointly founded Yoga Soda, a kambucha beverage company, based out of Toronto Canada. In one busy year they have taken the company from concept to launch and they share their journey with us here. Enjoy!

Habit of Thought:

Jelena: “When I fall myself falling into negative patterns of thought I’m able to step back from it, realize that I’m not manifesting what I want to be manifesting and just switch from there.”

Masa: Mantras and affirmations help in manifesting if you know exactly what you want.

Habit of Action:

Jelena: Meditation

Masa: Meditation

Greatest area of strength: Jelena: One of my key strengths is always persistence. Even if I didn’t get things right away... I know that failure is inevitable... I’m willing to fail again and again to eventually get there.

Masa: I make people feel welcome and comfortable. I’m able to bridge people together.

Training for this area:

Jelena: You need to start visualizing yourself being persistent. and then you have to have some sort of strategy to see it come to life.

Masha: It would begin by breathing, going inward, making sure that you feel comfortable first. Yielding to the situation and not trying to control it... allowing it and feeling through the discomfort of it... so you can eventually shift the space.



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Web Resource:

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