Episode 48: Mark Schönhage


Name: Mark Schönhage Today’s guest Life Athlete is Mark Schönhage. Mark is a life-long life athlete who has become an expert at inversion work... he’s good at standing and walking on his hands. So good that he has now set- out to create the webs most comprehensive handstand instructional series on his site “http://www.frontlegs.com”

Habit of Thought:

Putting things in perspective. The ability to learn from mistakes, instead of dwelling on them.

Habit of Action:

Keep on trying. When you fail, just keep going, while still monitoring your limits

Greatest area of strength: 

“Being able to stand upside down as comfortably as I do on my feet.” The ability to enhance people’s enthusiasm. Training for this area:

“I think enthusiasm is contagious.” 

Get Enthusiastic!

Book: Lean Startup - Eric Ries Web Resource: http://www.entrepreneur.com


Contact: mark@frontlegs.com