Episode 56: Moshe Koz - Conscious Fitness


Name: Moshe Koz Today’s guest Life Athlete is Moshe Koz. Moshe is a trainer and practitioner of what he calls “conscious fitness”. He brings awareness and mindfulness to the practice of physical training and he invites his clients and anyone listening to join him in the paradigm shift.

Habit of Thought:


Always bringing external situations back to me. Taking personal responsibility. “Everything that I believe in is a direct reflection of myself.”

Habit of Action:

Having a practice. Purifying what isn’t me and finding what is. Feel and observe.

Greatest area of strength: An ability to be there with people with empathy and to radiate compassion.

Training for this area:

It’s all connected and so I’d help them cultivate a practice.


Books are a catalyst and can help in transformation but spending time by yourself in nature will help you get there so much faster.

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Conscious fitness with Moshe