Episode 62: Claudia Eslahpazir - Cause an Effekt


Name: Claudia Eslahpazir Today’s guest Life Athlete is Claudia Eslahpazir. Claudia is a marketer whose passion is to help smart, and driven entrepreneurs catapult their businesses to success  She’s on a quest to demystify, simplify and empower by bringing focus on what to do next. She left the hustle and bustle of New York but stays busy in Bali. She apparently also likes to sing off-colour songs at Karaoke.

Habit of Thought:

Asking, “How can things be: new, better, or different?”

Habit of Action:

“I’ve moved from living a life of get up with the alarm, get ready, go to work, dive into action, you’ve got to be ready for action from the moment you wake up; to more of a slow, gentle, lazy, entre into the world, that has allowed me the space to be more creative.

Greatest area of strength: Being able to look at a situation holistically.

Training for this area:

It’s really an investigation. It’s like solving a mystery. There always is an answer but you sometimes have to dig for it.


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