Episode 69: Keidi Pushi and Nick Ward - Higher Love


Name: Keidi Pushi and Nick Ward Life Athletes, hello and welcome to episode 69 of the Life Athletics Podcast. Today’s guest Life Athletes are is Keidi Pushi and Nick Ward. Nick and Keidi have created a commitment to live inside of a consciously committed relationship with each other which has grown who they are and has inspired those around them to the point that they’re now sharing their process with others who want to take their love higher with their program higher love.

Habit of Thought: K -What am I committed to at a deeper level with this person.

N - When your partner just needs to get some stuff off their chest. Give them their space and don’t take it personally.

Habit of Action: K I look at this person as a Galaxy. I take on asking “how can I explore another dimension of him” N - Reminding myself that I’m okay and that my partner’s moments of upset don’t reflect an “always” point of view.

Greatest area of strength: 

K - Communication, Listening, Patience. N - My ability to recover. To take a situation that might be a little unpleasant and to transform it into something exciting. 

Training for this area:

K - If you start judging someone ask “where have I done something similar” and build empathy.

N - Do mirror work. Experience yourself for a few minutes and then start generating yourself. Really start to believe that this day is going to be the greatest yet.

Book: The Alchemist - Paulo Coelho


Seven Valleys Paperback - Baha'u'llah Web Resource:


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