Phase 1 Day 5: Moving obstacles out of the way and clearing the road.


You’re going on a road trip, and you’re excited. You’ve packed your car, you’ve packed enough food to last you and you have a playlist that’ll be the envy of every 8tracks user out there. The weather has cleared and you’re ready to go! You strap yourself in, turn the car on, ease out of the drive way, turn the first corner and ... there’s a tree across the road, apparently knocked over in the storm the night before... now what?

It doesn’t matter how prepared you are or what your intentions are... there will be obstacles in your way that you have to deal with.

One I’ve encountered is with people trying to transform themselves and live a life that they love. The IMMEDIATE thing that happens is that they see everywhere where they’re not the person they want to be already. 

Another common one is the desire to look good and the fear that people won’t accept us if we go for our “weird” dreams... forgetting that most people have weird dreams of their own that they’re afraid we’ll judge THEM for... 

Whatever your personal obstacles, they’re as capable of stopping you as you allow them to be. 

"Obstacles cannot crush me. Every obstacle yields to stern resolve. He who is fixed to a star does not change his mind." -Leonardo DaVinci,

In yesterday’s post we talked about these obstacles and now the question is what can you do to move past them? 

Some might be mental or internal and some might be external. The first step in moving past them is to take full responsibility for yourself and your life and believe that you have the personal power to make a difference. 

Done taking full responsibility and claiming your personal power? GREAT! 

Now start to think of what you need in order to move past these supposed barriers. 

An important note on these is that some things need to be dealt with directly and some things need to just be dropped and replaced with workable versions. 

Again, this is is just to make sure that you’re ready to move forward and that you’re not bringing personal demons with you that’ll sabotage you on your way. 

It’s time to get some living done. 

Daily challenge:

-Look at your list of blocks from day 4’s challenge and determine the best way to get past each one. 

-Put any actions that can’t be done immediately in your calendar, to do be dealt with.