Phase 1 Day 6: What's working?


So far we’ve looked at a general overview of your life and then we dove right into what wasn’t working, what was in your way and what you could do to get past whatever’s been stopping you.

That could be seen as a rather gloomy set of exercises.

The purpose was threefold:

First, if something was a thorn in your side, that needs to be addressed before any forward movement can take place.

Second, people are either motivated by moving towards something or, more common, by moving away from something else. Why not use both? 

Third, we want to separate the wheat from the chafe as it were and making the “chafe” conscious is a good start. 

Now it’s on to the cheerier part. I want you to look at what IS working. 

Before we go too far with this however, I want to put in a note... sometimes people are as stopped by what IS working as they are by what isn’t. We haven’t looked at your dreams, ambitions, deepest desires or just overall wants yet. So you might also choose to leave things behind that are working, but just not as well as you’d like. 

It’s important to find somethings that are working even if we’re in a dire situation. We’re human and we need to know that something is going right. So, if you’re in a low place, perhaps what’s working is that you at least have an internet connection and the ability to read this. Grab at anything. 

If things are going great for you... great! Many people suffer just as much in this state as they do when nothing’s going right. I have had more conversations that I can count with people for whom things are seemingly working out fantastically but who just aren’t happy. 

I’m pointing this out because I want to make sure that no one beats themselves up in ANY WAY as they go through this process. If you have a long list of things that are working but you aren’t feeling how you think you SHOULD be feeling... cut yourself some slack, take a deep breath, and ask yourself if you’ll let yourself feel that way now. 

As with each exercise up to this point we want to be as emotionless as possible for this part. We want to just observe the parts of our lives as though they were a story we were clipping together for a screenplay we were writing or looking at a map and planning a trip. Point out the rough roads and the clear ones and know that you’ll be able to handle things when you get there. 

Daily challenge:

-Look at each area of your life and identify what’s working. 

-Post to acknowledge that you’ve completed this challenge.