Phase 1 Day 8: How committed are you to having the life of your dreams? 


Once we look at where we are, and we realize that we want more, for whatever reason, the question really becomes: how committed are you to making it happen?

Is this a passion, or a passing interest?

We haven’t begun looking at what it is that you want to create in your life BUT that almost doesn’t matter. You know that’s where we’re headed, are you committed to yourself as you move forward?  The choice is up to you.  

Regardless of what it is that you want, the key to getting it, is your level of commitment.

Things that are, kind of, sort of, maybe, a good idea, don’t get done.

Knowing that you HAVE to make a shift is necessary to making a shift. Wanting to isn’t enough. Will you run through a wall to make it happen? Are you willing to pay what it costs?

It’s important to note that no one said that you had to choose to change something in your life. If you're thinking of changing something because someone else thinks it's a good idea... well that’s not a good idea. It needs to come from you. 

You can likely keep doing things as you’re doing them.  If lives were in immediate danger I’d hope you’d be doing something more than reading this installment of a 30 day challenge. You’re fine. 

Most of us aspire to more than “fine” though. We want to be more fit, more wealthy, we want to be smarter, healthier and happier. We want to make a bigger difference in the lives of those around us and we want to be closer to people. We want a better world... and we want six-pack abs.

We might not be in mortal danger but we might be dying a slow death, letting one dream die after another. Or we might just be in danger of being mediocre. 

The point is that these have all been your standards we’ve been talking about and now is the gut check time. Will you make a difference in your life? 

Are you serious and ready to pay the price for a new life, or are you just window shopping?

Challenge of the day: 

-Look at your life and ask yourself “am I committed to moving forward and meeting my potential?”

-Make sure the answer is yes. 

-Turn the volume of your commitment to 11.