Phase 1 Day 9: What are you willing to let go of moving forward? 


Day 9! This is the last step of phase 1! Congratulations!

Moving forward there is one more question to ask yourself, what are you willing to let go of. 

We’re about to look at what you want in life. Presumably there are some shifts you want to make. 

You will not have more hours in the day. You will not magically have more energy.

You will be you, trying something new. 

In order to do something new, you will have to let something go to clear space.

This could be emotional, physical, something in your schedule, a connection to a person that's no longer healthy, or one that has been hurting you for a while.

Most likely it’ll be a combination of things AND they’ll be more visible as you’re actually moving forward. Still you need to be aware of this concept now. 

There’s an attachment that forms to the things in our lives that we’re familiar with, we see them as part of us. 

This includes things that we’ve outgrown. 

If you’re like most people, you have a hard time throwing out things with even the slightest bit of sentimental value. The problem is that, as old things accumulate there’s less and less room for the new. 

Letting go of those attachments can be hard yet powerful. As you clear the out the things that have outlived their usefulness, you’re allowing new things to enter your life that are more appropriate to where you are or where you’re going. 

This also holds true beyond knick knacks and extends to habits, emotions, people, behavioral patterns, belief systems etc. 

You can want to be wealthy until you’re green in the face but if you’re unwilling to let go of your view of yourself as someone who is bad with money... good luck. 

The same goes with fitness, relationships... really any part of your life. If somewhere you’ve determined your own limit in these areas, you’re stuck there until you let go of that self image. 

It can also be a behavioral pattern. You want to be more energetic but you don’t want to shut your computer off an hour earlier and get to bed. 

You want to be more present to your partner but you’re not willing to shut your computer off an hour earlier and get to bed. ;) 

Whatever it is that you want moving forward, you’ll have to let go of something now. There’s a cost to the steps you’re about to take. It might just be the fear that you can’t do it. Let go of that one as fast as you can. 

Challenge of the day:

-Make a list of the things that you’re willing to let go of. 

-Take a minute imagining these things being released and leaving your space, making way for the awesome vision that you’re about to create for yourself in Phase 2!