Phase 2: day 1 - Horizon goals. 


Now that we’ve established a solid understanding of where we are, what’s working, what isn’t, our blocks, our strengths, our commitment and what we’re willing to let go of from the past, we’re ready to move forward. 

To create a life that we love we have to start with a vision. There are a number of metaphors we can use to explain why... I’ll use two: 

  1. If you don’t know where you’re going, how can you expect to get there. 
  2. If you don’t know what you’re shooting at, how can you expect to hit it? 

As I’ve looked at this over the years an element of this has become clear that I didn’t see before, although it might be obvious to you. What happens if you reach your goals by accident? Generally I think that people are dissatisfied if this happens unless they quickly recognize that “this” is what they wanted. 

I believe that a key element of goal setting is the ability to look back and notice our accomplishments. We can say “I have arrived!” even for a moment and feel great about that before moving on to the next goal. 

When I run I like to have some place that represents the destination and I’ll touch that before looping home. When I indoor climb I like to touch the metal beam the rope is looped on before climbing down. Having a clear “check!” point helps me and I believe that it can help you. We’ll go over that more later though. 

Onto the vision! 

I used to call this phase of goal setting “dream goals” but I changed it as felt there was a connotation I didn’t like.  Many people feel that dreams are not real. 

I’m now calling these “Horizon Goals” as they’re as far as you can see currently on your journey. 

Either way, I think they names explain what these goals are. Imagine your ideal reality and figure out what that would look like in the context of each area of your life. Regardless of where you currently are write our your vision. These are the ideals, not the immediately achievables. 

Make these inspiring to you! 

Notice whatever feelings come up as you write. Discomfort is normal here and while you don’t have to write anything grand to impress anyone, don’t avoid something you want to write down out of fear. 

Imagine that you are standing on a cliffside looking out onto the world preparing for the adventure that’s beyond the curve of the earth and dare to dream big! 


-Get yourself excited about the future,
-Write your horizon goals for each area. (Write your goals in the present tense, as if they've already happened.)