Phase 2 Day 2 - Is there something hiding behind the goals you've set?  


If you take a look at Facebook or the internet in general there are more advice givers on how to get the perfect six pack than I can count. Apparently lots of people want to have showy abs. 

or do they? 

Is there something hiding behind their stated goals? 

Something that they really want? Something that the other goal is just a cover for?

I believe that a lot of people think they want one thing while actually wanting something else. A person might want rippling abdominals because they think that this will make them sexier in the eyes of other people. Do they want the abs or the feelings that they think will come with them? 

The same thing goes for many goals that people commonly aspire to. They’re fixes, or said another way, they’re reactions to some perceived fault. 

People don’t feel sexy and so they want abs. They don’t feel powerful so they want more money. 

There’s nothing inherently wrong with this other than that it doesn’t work. 

When you have a goal for a purpose other than having that goal accomplished, it’s like you’re driving on a road thinking that you’re going one way but you’re going another. 

If you want to fix something, fix it. 

Setting a goal with the hope that the side benefit will be that it will “fix you” just doesn't work. 

Set goals for the things you actually want to be, or have, in your life.

There are plenty of people with rippling abs who have body issues and who don’t feel particularly attractive. Likewise there are all kinds of unhappy people who have achieved things other people aspire to because they believe they will make them happy. 

So, what’s the solution here? We know that goals are important to growth but here I am saying that some goals are fool’s gold... fool’s goals.  

Having goals that are authentic to who you REALLY are is key here. 

If you want to be sexy, or powerful, or whatever... be that now.  Be authentic. 

It is of course an over simplification to say “be that now”. These things can take time, but know that if your goal is to be (insert adjective) then THAT is your goal! 

Also, you can have more than one goal. You want to feel sexy AND have a washboard midsection? GO FOR IT! Just don't set a goal for one thing expecting it to give you anything other than what it is. 

Challenge of the day: 

-Ask: “have I set these goals to fix something in myself? or am I truly inspired by these goals?” 

-Ask: are these goals authentic? 

-If you find that you’re trying to fix something ask yourself this: If the things I want to fix in myself were already fixed, what would I want for myself and my life. Alter your current goals to reflect this.