Phase 2 Day 3: Turn your excitement up to 11. 


How you feel has a huge impact on what you do. 

If you are feeling run down, tired, or just plain unmotivated it can be hard to get out of bed let alone conquer the world. 

Emotions can help or hinder and really they’re up to us to guide. 

Emotions can be a powerful tool in achieving our goals and we’re going to look at that today. Turn yours up and get excited about the future you're creating!

Many of us have so much fear at the idea of never reaching our goals, that we put ourselves off of the hunt for them. Many people give in to the fear and satisfy themselves with the hope that their goals COULD happen rather than risk taking a shot and failing. 

As the Great One once said: “You miss a hundred percent of the shots you never take.” 

We’ve already talked about blocks and so now we’re going to look at how emotions can help. 

What we want to do is use our emotions for good. 

We want to be able to visualize our goals as something exciting, something desirable, something that energizes us. 

When we supercharge our emotions so that the image of the achievement of our goals fills us with joy, we are stacking the deck in our favor. 

Tony Robbins says that people are motivated by two things:

  1. The avoidance of pain.
  2. The pursuit of pleasure. 

While he does say that people are more motivated by the avoidance of pain, it doesn’t mean that you can’t make both serve you.  If you’re tired of being where you are FEEL THAT! 

Expanding that feeling and allowing that discomfort can be powerful. The pitfall is that feeling bad without purpose ... has no purpose. If you use your motivations to move you away from something, move away from it. 

The second part is where you picture your goals as a huge success.  Allowing yourself to fully feel how great it would be to get yourself to where you want to be pulls you forward. 

When we are only mildly excited about something it's easy to be put off the trail. However, when we allow ourselves to be consumed with excitement then we must do this thing. 

The fear is that if we care too much and we don't get there we will be hurt, it's a real fear. That might happen. 

Allowing yourself to care at the risk of getting hurt might seem foolish, and you could find a lot of people to agree with that opinion. 

In response I leave you with this thought. 

In an interview I did with Dave Smart, he said this: “If you can’t learn to be a competitor in your passion... it’s going to be tough for you...” 

If you can’t get excited about your dreams... it’s going to be tough for you. 

Daily Challenge:

-Re-write your horizon goals and muster, fake, generate, create, FEEL 10X more excitement about them than previously. In fact, turn it to 11. Post your experience.