Phase 2 Day 6: Target goals!


So far in Phase 2 we’ve been talking about goals, big goals, dream goals, your horizon goals. They’re exciting, they’re inspiring and they might feel very far away. Your job is to soak in the inspiration and then aim a little closer to home. 

Enter your target goals. 

Your target goals are that big step up from where you are that you KNOW you could get to if you put in a month or two of solid effort. You may have been there before or just have faith that you could make that leap with enough focus and sweat capital. This could be a few more lbs on your max deadlift, a few more bucks in your account or really anything that represents a big step up from your “now”. 

These goals need to be so close that you can taste them, but far enough away that you actually have to try in order to reach them. They’re worthy of celebrating even if they don’t represent “it”. 

(editors note: there is no real “it” this is a constant process of personal growth and evolution that keeps going for as long as you do.) 

This might be the first hundred dollars made in your business, or certain benchmark weight that you can lift, weight that you’ve lost or anything else that you see as a challenging but achievable level.  If you’re in debt, and have a goal of making a million dollars a year, getting out of debt might be a powerful target goal OR significantly less out of debt to start. 

These are the things that are on the path to your ideals and represent real achievement but also are the things that are accessible enough to not discourage you. 

As you started marking down steps from where you are now to your horizon goals yesterday, this should be relatively simple. Your job now is to choose one of the closer steps to you and get yourself there. 


-Identify a Target Goal for each area.