Phase 2 Day 7


With target goals acquired you now have a clear understanding of where to focus your attention and your efforts. 

To make it... more clear... your task is to fulfill and accomplish your target goals. 

In order to do this we need to break down your daily actions into achievable bits.

I like to call these clicks.

 I'm Canadian and we measure distance by kilometers, a nickname for a kilometer is a click, or “Klick”... it actually might be a military thing... or it might just be something that my dad said that has nothing to do with Canada or the military, it doesn’t really matter... and how many clicks you are traveling either speed or your distance.

What it represents here is a measurable unit. You want to be able to measure your performance measure your achievements.  

For me it also represents something clicking into place. The image of a piece of a puzzle going where it belongs,  is one I like a lot. 

Essentially these are right actions taken at the right times. 

How do you know what's the right action is?  

Ask if it will take you towards your Target goals and if it fits with your identity as a Life Athlete.  

If you follow this metaphor then really it should just “click”. 


-Fill in the clicks from where you are to your first Target Goal in your calendar for at least three weeks.