Phase 2 Day 8: What Would The Best Version Of You Do


Goals can be grand, goals can be inspiring, goals can change the world. 

Goals get a lot of press and rightly so, they’re important. The simple act of writing your goals out on a piece of paper has been shown to have a major impact to the lives of the people who take that step. 

People who don’t have goals are at a disadvantage, as they don’t have the galvanizing focus that goals can provide. 

As stated, simply writing out your goals is a powerful step. It’s not the only step to take though. 

Because we’re writing goals in every area of life there’s something we can do to allow them unimpeded forward movement. We can make sure that the goals have a unifying element and that our action moment to moment flow from this place. 

Looking at your goals (which if you’ve been following along you have written already), ask yourself “do these fit together?” 

I was going to write a number of elements that I thought were so fantastical that no person could ever achieve all of them in one lifetime but then I decided that I didn’t want to let my mental limits limit you. 

If you dream of the fantastical, party on. 

Make sure however that the goals fit together in a way that YOU can comprehend. 

Once you do, determine what this embodiment of your highest self looks, acts and feels like. This is you at your Life Athletic best and you want to be able to access it from now until forever. 

Whenever you are faced with a question, any question, as yourself “if I were being my Life Athletic best, what would I do?” 

This is especially powerful with it comes to two seemingly positive options. When faced with two or more good options, it will come down to knowing that if you stay true to who you are at your best, you’ll figure it out. 

Even through this is clearly a construct of your own mind, it’s amazing how easy it is to access once created and how effective and satisfying it is. 

Goals come down to what you do moment to moment. 

Making sure that your actions match your projected best self allows you to start making the incremental changes that will lead you towards the giant ones. 

Having a simple set of trigger words is what you’ll need. This cannot be complicated as we’re accessing a pretty easily spooked part of your mind. 

You know those WWBD (What Would BATMAN Do?) T-shirts? You need your question to be this simple. 

Use “what would Life Athlete me do?” if that works for you (I think that’s a powerful one personally ;)  ) or whatever works for you. 

Just make sure that whatever you use has the layers of meaning and understanding that conjuring Batman has for me and scores of other awesome (okay geeky) guys and gals around the world. 

You know what this best version of you is like, get it to make your decisions as much as possible from here on out. 


(What Would The Best Version Of You Do?) 


-Ask yourself if your goals fit together into a unified whole life that inspires you. 

-Make any changes necessary. 

-Establish a word or set of words that immediately conjures the best version of yourself. 

-Commit to letting this best version of you guide your behaviour from here on out. 

(note: If the idea of your best self running the show sounds constricting or boring, remember that you created this! This isn’t some sunday school version of “best behaviour” we’re talking about. This is you at your most awesome! Add some fun for Batman’s sake!)