Phase 3 Day 1: Measuring your goals. 


In Phase 3 we’ll be looking at the steps, tools and techniques that you can use to make your Goals leap out of your head and into your life. 

In order to make your goals happen we’ll have to go from theory to practice. Your days will have to be spent on things that when stacked in weeks, months and years will amount to the life you want. 

We’ve talked about giving certain things up and we’ve talked about commitment. This will be even more evident as you start planning your days to incorporate aspects of what you say you want your life to be made up of. 

That essentially is what your goals are, right? The collection of days you want to live and call your life. We want to be, do and have a certain collection of experiences. In order to do that we have to start filling our days with certain ways of being and actions. 

If your goals involve stuff, you still need to start with how and who you’re being. 

The first thing to put in place is a system of measurement. Many people put in a lot of effort and time into actions that amount to very little because they’re not actually  tracking or measuring their actions. 

Some things are more clearly measured than others but all things that matter to us need to be tracked. This doesn’t have to remain a formal process, you’ll get a feel of the things you are tracking after a few weeks to the point that you’ll be able to start to go by feel. Until then however, you’ll have to track everything. 

To measure your goals you have to break it down to a measurable unit. 

For fitness, this is easy. How far did you run and how long did it take you? How much did you lift how far, how many times... etc. 

For other things you have to be more creative. 

You can create a scale from 1-10 for just about anything. Yes, this is subjective but it allows you to grade yourself on the fly. 

How much love is present today in your romantic relationship 1-10? How energetic are you feeling 1-10? How happy are you 1-10? 

You get the picture. 

You can also measure how often you do something, or how many things you do in an area... frequency or volume. 

What you track and how you track things is up to you. 

A small notebook or an app on your phone... really what matters is that you’ll use it. 

Tracking makes you measure and that makes things real. All of a sudden, you’re seeing the pieces of your goals swirl around you and fall into place. 

Have fun with it, turn it into a game and enjoy! 


-Determine how you’re going to measure each of your goals. 

-Choose a tracking method.