Phase 3 Day 4: Systems. 


As you build a larger and more complex life you will get to a point where it no longer remains practical to keep everything in your head. Taking on new way’s of being, behaviors, habits... this stuff will take some time to integrate and can fade easily unless it’s put in a practical form, outside of your own brain. This is the stuff that people resist because it seems tedious and un-fun. It’s up to you to see it otherwise. 

Turn it into a game, see it as the key to the kingdom, do whatever you need to do, but unless you have something to keep things real and in existence... it won’t be real and it won’t exist. 

A system of existence will keep you accountable, remind you of the things you have going on and will keep things front of mind. 

Unless you have an assistant who will do these things for you, you must do it yourself. There are tools that can be used... which will you chose? 


-Choose a system that will allow you to keep all of your energy moving forward.