Phase 3 Day 7: That's all folks! Help us help you!


And here we are Life Athletes, reaching the end of Phase 3 and of the programming for the month. 

If you’ve gone through all of the steps you have everything you need to launch yourself at the life you want. 

Remember to keep track of the tools, resources and daily clicks as you go. Also, routinely note any blocks that come up as if they were hitches in a jump shot or an improper running gait. They don’t make you bad, they just don’t get you what you want. 

Use whatever will motivate you to move away from where you are and whatever will pull you forward.  

Keep everything in front of you and rely on your team. Have your team go through all through phases to make sure that they’re moving forward powerfully as well. 

Life Athletics is working on developing the website to be a powerful “System of Existence” tool that will assist you in programming your life. 

Another project in the pipeline is the Life Athletics podcast. We will be talking to people who excel in some area of life or are experts in at least one area to find out how they do what they do and how you can too. It will be about getting the most out of being a human being. 

Let us know who you’d like to hear from in the podcast and what kind of tools would serve you in the web site. Help us help you

Thanks and we’ll see you on the field!  Enjoy your life, enjoy the game!