Relationships Phase 1 Day 1: Being with other human beings. 


This month we’ll be looking at relationships. 

Yes... February, the month with the holiday that makes lots of people stressed out about their romantic relationships... or their lack of one. 

We’re not just looking at romantic relationships however. That’s just one part of this Training Area. 

For the purpose of this month let’s define what we mean when talking about “Relationships” in Life Athletics. 

We’re calling any interaction you have with another person a relationship. 

You obviously have some that are more important to you than others. You have some that can be grouped together or fit into categories and we will look at as many as you want. 

How you are with other people and the response you get is what we’re looking at this month. 

Where are you now in your relationships with others? 

Where do you want to be? 

How can you get there? What do you need to do? 

We are social creatures. Language is the tool we developed to relate to each other and it’s how we interpret the world. 

How we relate to others says a lot about us and as Life Athletes this is kind of a big deal. 

This month we will be looking at how to make our relationships better, faster, stronger. 

-Commit to looking at how you interact with others and creating the relationships you want in your life.