Episode 88: Matt and Cherie Chan - The Eternal Pursuit and Crossfit


Life Athletes, hello and welcome to episode 88 of the Life Athletics Podcast! Today’s guest Life Athletes are Matt and Cherie Chan of the Eternal Pursuit movement. They are world-class Crossfit enthusiasts that strive to make a world a better place by inspiring everyone to live and experience life the best way possible. Matt and Cherie have always strived to become the best at what they do and continue to move toward the direction of progress. They surround themselves with people with the same level of drive and passion and inspire those around them to take action. This couple has been all over the world and they urge everyone to focus more on the things that make life a more awesome experience, basically by just living it, and stop worrying about money, jobs, businesses, and all those other things that usually bind and tie us to one spot. It’s all about celebrating life for these two!  

Habit of Thought:

“Be willing to work at the things you aren’t good at.”


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Twitter: @t3pursuit