Episode 98: Harry Oram | Empowering the Members of the Third Culture


Life Athletes, hello and welcome to episode 98 of the Life Athletics podcast. Today’s guest is Harry Oram. Harry Oram is the founder of Third Culture. Third Culture is a community of people who, for whatever reason, do not subscribe to classic definitions of cultural identity. He's also an actor, and he's combining these two tracks with the first-ever Third Culture film festival this year in Hong Kon. We talk about this and much more in this sweeping conversation. Enjoy!


Habit of Thought:

“You can always use your time to the best of your ability.”

 Habit of Action:

“Acting and working out. Working out is a discipline in my life that I keep constant.”

Greatest Strength:

“People have told me that I have incredible determination and focus”





Instagram: @tcthirdculture

Twitter: @TCThirdCulture

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