Episode 13: Daniel Braha

Daniel Braha

Daniel is a designer, artist and dare I say, Life Athlete who is wandering the world moving from one awesome adventure and experience to another. Daniel was introduced to me by a mutual friend who thinks that Daniel serves as a litmus test for people. If they don’t like Daniel, he doesn’t see any point in knowing them as there’s clearly something off.


Habit of Thought:

Have fun! Do what your mom tells you.

Habit of Action:

Move my body in some way daily

Greatest area of strength: 

Listening and being present to the present moment.

Training for this area:

Actively listen the goodness out of people.


The Prophet – Kahlil Gibron

Web resource:



Daniel Braha



Twitter: https://twitter.com/sosmedia

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/danielbraha