Episode 34: Chris Duncan

Habit of Thought:

“I’m a champion because champions keep on winning… A winner can win once but a champion keeps on winning.”


-have a morning ‘rich-ual’

Momentum club. pointbeducation.com

Habit of Action:

Don’t set a goal you don’t achieve.

Achieve every goal you set.

Greatest area of strength:


Training for this area:

Don’t dabble. Commit all the way.

Have a mentor.

(“A good mentor can demonstrate that they have what you want to learn from them. They have a replicable system. They can do it right now… their skills aren’t based in old paradigms.”)


The seven habits of highly effective people – Steven Covey
The freedom business blueprint – Chris Duncan (Coming out mid July 2015)
Web Resource:

Tim Ferris

Michael Jordan – Failure commercial. 


To enter for a chance to have Chris build you a freedom business that will make you $10,000 in a day: http://tinyurl.com/pv5g2xf