Episode 182: Juna Mustad | Anger and the Good Girl


Life Athletes, hello and welcome to episode 182 of the Life Athletics podcast.

Today’s guest life athlete is Juna Mustad.

Juna Mustad is a Life and Relationship coach, an Intuitive, and a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner focused on helping you create healthy relationships, expand your emotional awareness, and embrace your full potential.

Her sessions skillfully weave the Hendricks Institute's whole body coaching techniques and Somatic Experiencing.

In addition, Juna is a corporate mindfulness coach, an author, and an expert in mindful anger. She works with companies, organizations, and individuals around the world, teaching and coaching emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and skills for building healthy and effective relationships.

In her career as a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, Juna has trained extensively in stress and trauma resolution. She offers an accessible, nonthreatening approach to creating a healthy relationship with the world’s most stigmatized emotion. She helps people unpack their beliefs about anger and skillfully uses mindfulness techniques to help them grow a balanced and holistic relationship with their anger.

In 2019, she’s set to release her book called The Good Girl’s Guide to Anger.

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