Episode 75: Jeremy Gray - Scale the Sycamore


Life Athletes, hello and welcome to episode 75 of the Life Athletics Podcast! Today’s guest Life Athlete is Jeremy Gray. He’s been living and teaching in South Korea while also pursuing his love of writing. Jeremy is a playwright, and is about to launch his first book.  Here we talk about his love of learning as well as his views on moving forward with your passions even when the surrounding circumstances might seem like a distraction. Habit of Thought:


Stay receptive and open to criticism and new ideas...I’m a huge fan of lifelong learning.

Habit of Action: Cold baths in the morning.

Greatest area of strength: Seeing the strengths of others, being genuinely interested and amplifying their passions.

Training for this area:

Keep your eyes open and your mind open so you can see and recognize ambition. Amplify it if you can. Don’t try to take over but ask if there’s something you can do to assist in moving the idea forward. Do everything you can to help cultivate it.


The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom - Don Miguel Ruiz


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