Episode 77: Andréa Paige - Live For Vitality


Name: 77 Andréa Paige Life Athletes, hello and welcome to episode 77 of the Life Athletics Podcast! Today’s guest Life Athlete is Andréa Paige.  Andréa  is a Bali-Based Naturopath, redefining health as living with maximum vitality. With depth, fire, unconditional presence and an unwavering commitment to life, Andréa takes life on with her whole self. From astrology, to nutrition, to living our maximum potential, this yoga teaching health-guru takes us for a wild ride!

Habit of Thought:


“Saying ‘yes’”.

“Anything is possible.”

“How can we make this work?”

“How can I help you?”

“How can I love you more?”

“Washing away the doubt.”

Habit of Action: Breathing into the centre of my chest. Into my heart.

Greatest area of strength: My purpose in this lifetime is my voice. I communicate clearly and logically.

Training for this area:

Remove yourself from yourself and see the bigger picture.


Paths to God: Living the Bhagavad Gita - Ram Dass  Web Resource: