Episode 67: Penny Livingston -Regenerative Agriculture, Permaculture, and Life


Name: Penny Livingston Life Athletes, hello and welcome to episode 67 of the Life Athletics Podcast. Today’s guest Life Athlete is Penny Livingston. Penny is a regenerative agriculture and permaculture specialist. She has focussed her life on how we can we design a more resilient future. Penny was in Bali to work with Maria and Orin at the Kul Kul Farm next to Green School. Habit of Thought:


“If something comes along that is stressful one of the first things I ask is ‘is it worth it to my nervous system to deal with this?’”

Habit of Action: “Starting out the day with some kind of gratitude.”

Greatest area of strength: I’m a good storyteller. I make beautiful gardens. I’m good at working with the plants. I’m good at bringing the hidden forward. I’m good at seeing the microcosm and macrocosm. I’m a good medicine woman. I’m good at trusting my intuition. I’m a good teacher.

Training for this area:

To trust the intuitive is to surf the edge of the least familiar.  Where you feel like you have no ground to walk on that you can rely upon.


The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter, & Miracles - Bruce H. Lipton 

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