Episode 66: Steve Munroe - CEO and Cofounder of Turnpoint and Cofounder of Hubud


Name: Steve Munroe Life Athletes, hello and welcome to episode 66 of the Life Athletics Podcast. Today’s guest Life Athlete is Steve Munroe. Steve is the co founder and CEO of Turnpoint and a cofounder of Hubud, a co-working hub in Ubud Bali. He left a career at the UN for a life on his own terms. He advocates putting more life into your work and doing so with a bit of flair and a bit of fun.  A good life. A really, really, good life.

Habit of Thought:


Getting my ego out of the way using mantras

ex:you will not mine

Habit of Action: The Stephen reeducation campaign

Things like brushing and not forgetting to floss. I have a sign that says “don’t forget to floss.”

Greatest area of strength:

I’m very good at making people feel good about themselves. Training for this area:

Honing the ability to look someone in the eye.


Man's Search for Meaning - Viktor E. Frankl Web Resource: