Episode 94: Jonny Freesh - Keeping It "Freesh" with Rap and Hip-Hop


Life Athletes, hello and welcome to episode 94 of the Life Athletics podcast. Today’s guest is Jonny Freesh. Jonny is a rapper who has recently made the leap and declaration that this is more than just a side passion project and that he IS in fact, a professional musician. Unlike the hiphopopotamus Freesh’s lyrics really ARE bottomless and he’s constantly pushing himself to expand as a writer, performer, business man and artistic director but in his words, all he does is Freesh.  

Habit of Thought:

"Unhook. If a story is running in my head and it's not benefitting me, I'll just say, 'Unhook!' And just drop it."

Habit of Action:

"In the morning, I set up my day into blocks to keep me focused in what I need to do."

Greatest strength:

"My unique perspective on how I live and what I see the world as."



The Obstacle Is the Way by Ryan Holiday


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Twitter: @jonnyfreesh

Instagram: @jonnyfreesh


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